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Cover fire Hack 2018


If you are fan of military mission games, then this game is specially made for you. The cover fire shooting games is a military game where you are called to lead a group of veterans against a firm known as Tetracorp. The game possesses a wonderful level of graphics that can rival any other graphics in android game around the world. The game is tailor made for people that like blowing up stuffs and shooting the bad guys. So do you like blowing stuffs up? Let’s get to the specifications of the game.

Cover fire shooting games breaks the norm in 3D resolution gaming as it uses the to make. The game to be more interesting more than any other android game. The games graphics shows the game in real time and can help to slow down or hasten. The game in order to let the player have a feel of the game. Think of being thrown a grenade at, the game allows you to slow the play so can be able to blow up the grenade in motion, is that not interesting.? When you are about to defeat the last of the enemies in every stage. You get to see the internal working of a gun and how the enemy is blown into pieces.

The storyline of the game follows that you lead a group of veterans against Tetracorp. A company that has taken over a vast part of the world As you play the game and get more cards. You can use the cards to unlock many other characters with special ability.

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One of the most interesting characters that will unlock at the beginning of the game is Luwong; a sniper. Ever think that snipers are gorgeous? Try this game out as they took sniping a notch up than what you have seen anywhere.

The game play is also as interesting as the storyline as it gives you missions at every stage. which you have to complete. Each mission is made up of targets which you are to achieve during the mission and achieving. These targets is important. in order to get extra rewards at the end of the game. Look at it like this, a mission might request you to save hostages and the targets. Of the mission can include achieving 60% accuracy, destroying grenades and completing the mission.

Your ability to achieve all these 3 targets within the mission makes you to get more cards which you can utilize to purchase more goods. When you achieve all the targets in a mission, you get four cards as rewards at the end of the mission which you can use to upgrade your character features. You are also awarded free XP for every target you achieve.

The game controls are placed at the both end of the phone in landscape mode, this makes it easier for gamers to use both hands at the same time while playing the game. This is very crucial as it allows for the easy movement of the soldiers. From one cover to another while shooting at the same time. The game controls are excellent and contributes to the reason why it is so addictive to play the game on mobile.

How to hack Cover Fire 2018

    • Go to the Cover Fire Generator Buton
    • Enter your Cover Fire username.
    • Select the amount of Gold and Cash to generate
    • Click on Generate
    • Complete the Short Human Verification process
    • After successful verification, wait for a few minutes
    • Open up Cover Fire to confirm
  • Enjoy all content available

Just like every mission game out there, aim is to increase in level as time passes but increasing in different levels of the game requires. That the player upgrades his combat levels in order to be able to unlock new chapters. In order to upgrade the combat level, resources are made use of. In this game, there are a lot of resources with the gamer can use to upgrade combat level and enjoy exciting new chapters.

Some of the resources in this game are perks, cash credits, skill cards, skirmish rewards and gold. The perks are used in order to boost up health while on a difficult mission, skills cards are used to upgrade combat level and the more you can get, the better. Skirmish rewards are gotten by playing an online game where you are timed and gold. As always is the most important resources Which the player needs to upgrade as it can be converted into cash credits used in upgrading levels of the game.

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Now let us get to how the game to be hacked in order to get more resources and to enjoy many more levels. One of the more to get more resources without using real money is to make use of the online. Skirmish games as it allows you to collect a lot of golds depending on the level that you finished in the skirmish play. The highest level being captain and the lowest level being a soldier.

Ever in need of gold, try out the use of skirmish to get more. Another way of hacking the game to get more resources is to always tap into the daily awards that is being offered by the game. Even if you don’t feel like playing the game, ensure to open it and claim the daily awards. This allows you to store up resources till you need it. Finally, always endeavor to claim free crates whenever they are available in the game so you can store up more resources.

Conclusively, Cover fire is the game for you if you are looking for a military mission game with great graphics. Excellent controls and interesting gameplays. If you like playing a soldier by shooting and blowing things up to achieve a goal, this is the perfect game.


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